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We are Members of America's Independent Truckers Association, Inc.


Petroleum Technologies LLC is Using Technology To Create A Cleaner Earth.  These products are engineered and designed into three separate categories:

VITALIZER:  Metal based products that are designed to work with gasoline engines, diesel engines, bunker, heavy oil, etc. by increasing polarity in the fuel it will burn more thoroughly and efficiently, thus providing cleaner emissions and improving the fuel economy. This solid core, retrofit device has a 15 year guarantee that will reduce carbon build up in gasoline and diesel engines thereby reducing the hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen-oxide that are released into the atmosphere on an average of 25% to 35%. This process of reducing emissions and creating a clean burning engine also produces a fuel consumption savings of 5% to 15%.


AQUALIZER:  The same patented technology of solid core material with dissimilar metals can be used to provide polarity to water, combined with a unique membrane technology you now have water that has been “Ionically” charged there by creating a broad spectrum solution.  


AQUA MASTER:   This solution is known as “Bio-Active” and it is environmentally safe to treat drinking water, handle, and use in public areas, it is non-toxic, and requires no special storage or handling. This  ionically Active Solution (IAS) is being used in: Homes/Industry; prevention and eradication of molds and disinfecting waters of many types and characteristics, including swimming pools. Agricultural; to eliminate fruit mold and pathogens on produce and sanitary systems; portable toilets, drain fields etc.


  Technologies Engineered and Designed for use with Gasoline engines, Diesel engines, Bunker, Heavy Oils etc.

Petroleum Technologies LLC  is a leader in the manufacturing of environmental products.  These products are engineered and designed to reduce fuel consumption, and to reduce the hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitration-oxide that are released into the atmosphere.

These environmental products manufactured by Petroleum Technologies LLC are designed to work with gasoline engines, diesel engines, bunker, heavy oil, etc. by allowing fuel to burn more thoroughly, and efficiently, by increasing its polarity, thus, providing cleaner emissions and improving the fuel economy.

Also the home of  The Aqualizer and  Aqua Master Technology engineered and designed for Industrial Waters.


The Aqualizer is a passive, non-electric, non-magnetic, catalytic water conditioner, that can be installed in any water circulating system.   When water passes through the electro-chemical chamber, it causes a unique structural change of the fluids. This change is called  "IONIZATION".  This Ionization re-action causes salt, rust, and scale to be suspended in the water, so they are easily removed.


Inquiry or for more information please go to our contact/inquiry page and fill out the form there.  We will contact you soon.  Thank you.

Made in the USA - Worldwide Patents The Original, Patent 1991
"Petroleum Technologies LLC  is the developer and manufacturer,  of the Vitalizer, Mini Aqua Master, and Aqualizer created by Luis Gomez."

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